Teaser Trailer For the Neo-Retro Adventure Game, The Beard in the Mirror
Teaser Trailer For the Neo-Retro Adventure Game, The Beard in the Mirror
An indie fantasy adventure in which you point-and-click your way through challenging puzzles, dialog trees, mishaps and...er...possible death
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SEYMOUR, CONNECTICUT – June 24, 2013 – Classic adventure game fans, rejoice! Lizo (a Sierra fangirl) and Paul (a LucasArts fanboy) are proud to present the teaser trailer for their brand-new point-and-click adventure game, The Beard in the Mirror.

The Beard in the Mirror is about a kid who doesn't know who he is, where he's going, or how he fits into his world. But not because he's an amnesiac; he's just a typical 22-year-old. As far as he knows, he's never once traveled outside his own universe—but the beautiful girl who wakes him up in the middle of one stormy night seems to think otherwise... 

Inside his bedroom is the comfort and stability he's known all his life, but outside, there's an all-new fantasy world filled with magic, danger, romance—and the promise of adventure.

Mirror is a collaborative work by the wife-and-husband team of Lizo and Paul (the latter being the writer/designer of last year's Life in the Dorms). It started off as an interactive text adventure the two created and played over instant messenger, but over the years it's blossomed into a full-on point-and-click adventure game — complete with challenging puzzles with wacky solutions, dialogue trees, dangerous mishaps (and even death!), and a story about how to find oneself once the world's finally figured out you're an adult.

It's coming out digitally for the PC...uh, whenever it's finished!

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