New KING Art dev blog post released as The Raven nears launch
New KING Art dev blog post released as The Raven nears launch
Developer diary highlights four major changes in the game's development process as The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief is finely-tuned ahead of release
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Vienna, AUSTRIA (June 25th 2013) –  Whilst Nordic Games is doing the final shakedown for its new point-and-click adventure, developer KING Art has just shared a new blog in its dev diary detailing the four biggest changes in The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief.

“The Raven is the most complex adventure we have made to date. We have tried a lot of new things and put a lot of work into the game. The result is approximately 20 hours of a mystery adventure with a convoluted story, in which you play both the investigator and the delinquent," said Jan Theysen, Cofounder & Creative Director of KING Art.

The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief will be released in three chapters: first chapter – July 23rd 2013, second chapter – August 27th 2013, third chapter – September 24th 2013. The boxed version including all three chapters will be released October 24th 2013.

About Nordic Games GmbH / The Adventure Company 
Nordic Games GmbH is a wholly owned publishing subsidiary of Nordic Games Group AB. Founded in 2011, the Vienna/Austria based company Nordic Games GmbH puts great emphasis on its extensive game catalogue. The core portfolio comprises products and brands which have been acquired from JoWooD Entertainment AG, DreamCatcher Interactive Inc. and THQ Inc., and further IPs and trademarks will follow.

The company will pursue the long-term goal of delivering quality products that live up to expectations of gamers worldwide.

About KING Art GmbH
KING Art is an award-winning independent game developer specializing in producing high quality games. They are among the leading experts on story-driven games in Germany and have produced several successful adventure games that received rave reviews by the gaming press. Since 2002 they have also been pioneers in the area of extensive browser games, and have accumulated expert knowledge during the production of more than 30 successfully completed browser game projects.

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