The Silent Age - Episode One now available for Android!
The Silent Age - Episode One now available for Android!
A 2-D point-and-click adventure in which the player travels through time
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Copenhagen, Denmark; June 24, 2013 – The Danish indie publisher and developer House on Fire today released the point-and-click adventure The Silent Age - Episode One for Android. The title has already been a success on iOS devices and has been nominated for several awards, including the Nordic Game Award in the category Best Artistic Achievement Award 2013. The Silent Age - Episode One is now available for free download on Google Play.

The Silent Age – Episode One is a minimalistic 2-D point-and-click adventure. Players take on the role of an average guy named Joe, who one day has a time machine thrust into his hands by a mysterious, dying man. From that point on, Joe must travel back and forth through time to prevent a great disaster. The Silent Age takes place in 1972 during the Cold War and in the nightmarish future of the year 2012, in which humanity has vanished from the face of the Earth. Using classic point-and-click controls, players must explore the world and find out what has happened to humanity. In this lovingly designed adventure, packed with puzzles, Joe becomes the reluctant savior of humanity and the whole world.

The Silent Age – Episode One is equally exciting for both newcomers and fans of the genre, because tricky puzzles and a constantly changing future represent an extraordinary challenge.

The Silent Age – Episode Two is already being planned and will be financed through crowdfunding. In the Android version of the first part it is even possible to actively participate in the project in-game. Of course, everyone can also learn about the second part and donate right on the official website.
About House on Fire:
House on Fire is a Danish indie developer based in Copenhagen. Under the motto:”We focus on the user experience without compromising quality” Linda Randozza, Uni Dahl, and Thomas Ryder founded the studio in 2011 with the goal of creating mobile games for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Their first title in 2011, Neon Zone, was directly nominated for two awards at Nordic Game 2012 (Indie Sensation and Best Handheld Game). The Silent Age – Episode One, was featured at the Nordic Game Indie Night 2013 and has already been nominated for the Nordic Game Award. The second part of the Adventure is already being planned and will be financed via crowdfunding.

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