Kholat Continues in Digital Comic Book Form as DLC
Kholat Continues in Digital Comic Book Form as DLC
First up: Kholat Aftermath Part 1
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Kholat Review - June 22, 2015 

In 2015, IMGN.PRO released the game Kholat, based on the Dyatlov Pass Inident. Now, the developer is releasing DLC in the form of digital comic books. They will answer some of the unresolved questions raised in the game.

Łukasz Kubiak, co-founder, IMGN.PRO: In Kholat we mentioned many interesting places, outlined some intriguing characters and referred to a lot of unexplained events. Yet the game was focused on a certain story, resulting in a lot of gamers asking us about how to interpret some of the plot twists, or how we might elaborate on them further. So eventually we decided to answer at least some of these questions. That’s why gamers will be able to return to many of the places and characters introduced at the beginning of the game in this new comic book. At the same time we’ll introduce them to new characters in the Kholat universe.

For example, the two militia guys working on Vitaliy Grazeniuk’s case. From their point of view everything that happened is a hoax and an attempt to cover up the truth. This means that what they’re after is some sort of a rational explanation of the whole story.

Kholat Aftermath Part 1 is now available on Steam . The base game is required.

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