Shiver Welcomes You to the Grand Opening of Windy Oaks National Park
Shiver Welcomes You to the Grand Opening of Windy Oaks National Park
This atmospheric point-and-click horror adventure from Kowai Sugoi Studios is waiting to serve you some gooseflesh
Posted: 10/26/17 | Category: News | Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac

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Shiver Wants to Give You the Chills - September 30, 2017 

Kowai Sugoi Studios "is a duo of necromancers from the Great White North" (aka Calgary, Alberta, Canada). Graham Hutchison is Progammer/Designer; Evan Crows is Lead Artist/Designer. They would like nothing better than to make you shiver (pun intended).

Shiver has been inspired by classic point-and-click adventures, a genre close to the developers' hearts. The game is their first commercial release. It's meant to be played in a single gaming session.

So, here's the deal: you're traveling to a remote area of British Columbia to visit your father. On the way, a mishap lands you in Windy Oaks National Park, where you become trapped. The place appears to be deserted...or is it? Whatever the case, you must find a way out.

Early reviews are calling Shiver a winner! Are you tempted? The game is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam at a 10% discount ($4.49!) until November 1st.

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