The Land of Pain Has Been Launched and Awaits Your Visit
The Land of Pain Has Been Launched and Awaits Your Visit
Indie developer Alessandro Guzzo has created a terrifying world of evil in this Lovecraftian horror adventure for Windows
Posted: 09/15/17 | Category: News | Platform: Windows

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The Land of Pain Preview - July 23, 2017 

Last May, a demo for The Land of Pain was released and its reception has been overwhelmingly positive. I've played the demo -- which is still available -- and written a preview of the game. I can tell you that when it comes to horror, this is the real deal.

And now, much to the glee of horror game aficionados everywhere, the full version has been released. It's currently available for Windows on Steam and The Humble Store at a time-limited 20% discount.

Built single-handedly with CryEngine by indie developer Alessandro Guzzo, The Land of Pain features detailed graphics in a vast world of buildings, caves, swamps and more. The game fuses storytelling, survival mechanics and adventure-style puzzle-solving in a dark, foreboding atmosphere that's more than a little Lovecraftian.

Imagine being torn from your reality and thrown into a world of dark and disturbing evil, to be pursued by an unrelenting, malevolent antagonist. You have nothing with which to defend yourself, so run-and-hide is the order of the day (and night -- or perhaps nightmare would be a more appropriate word). You do have a lantern, which must be used judiciously; it can both light your way and reveal your presence. (And if you're looking for cheap jump scares, you won't find any here. I am cheering.)

Alessandro Guzzo: "I can't wait for everyone to explore the dark world I've been working on for the past few years. It's been a huge undertaking, but now everything is completed. I couldn’t have made it without everyone's constant support, and I'm really proud of the final result."

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