HeR Interactive Goes On An Odyssey Without Nancy
HeR Interactive Goes On An Odyssey Without Nancy
The publisher/developer has announced it will be distributing the next generation science game from The Young Socratics
Posted: 08/22/17 | Category: News | Platform: Mac, Windows

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Odyssey Review (Early Access) - March 22, 2017 

Although the mystery/adventure Odyssey has been in release for three months, HeR Interactive has stepped in as its distributor. As far as I can tell, no changes have been made to the game in the interim.

13-year-old Kai and her family are being held captive somewhere on the Wretched Islands. It's up to you to find them and set them free.

In the process, you'll learn the history of astronomy, mechanics, and scientific reasoning by reading Kai's journal and solving science-based puzzles.

The current release covers Chapters 1 through 3, and ends midway through Galileo’s physics. There are plans to continue the story in a sequel comprised of Chapters 4 though 6.

Penny Milliken, HeR Interactive CEO: “We are thrilled to have partnered with The Young Socratics to bring our fans an all-new mystery adventure game – Odyssey. Historically, we have never published 3rd party titles on herinteractive.com. However, after meeting the founders of The Young Socratics, playing Odyssey and understanding their vision, it was immediately clear that we have similar goals and ideals as a company. From our first game in 1998, HeR Interactive has been providing fun Nancy Drew mysteries to solve while encouraging STEM skills along the way. From Odyssey’s atmospheric environments to its challenging science-based puzzles, we just knew that our fans would appreciate this title while awaiting the next installment of Nancy Drew.”

Omkar Deshpande, Co-Founder, The Young Socratics: “I still remember reading more than 80 Nancy Drew titles, apart from a comparable number of titles from Hardy Boys, Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, etc. What I realized later during my Stanford Ph.D days is that the story of science has the same amount of mystery, adventure and intrigue if only it is read properly. Like gathering clues from a crime scene and interviewing human suspects to pinpoint the criminal, the science sleuths like Galileo gathered clues (patterns) from the natural world and the starry heavens, came up with a list of ‘suspect’ hypotheses, and conducted investigations via experiments to probe which of them pointed to the secret laws and models governing the real universe. They often did this at the risk of being condemned or imprisoned. We have tried to convey this thrilling intellectual journey through the lens of a 13-year-old girl in Odyssey. We are excited to partner with the creators of Nancy Drew games and hope that this will make a significant contribution to the cause of science education among girls.”

Odyssey for Windows and Mac is available for purchase here .

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