Are You a Super Loser? Apply to Sidekick High and Be Trained as a Hero-Helper
Are You a Super Loser? Apply to Sidekick High and Be Trained as a Hero-Helper
Here we have a short, 2D point-and-click adventure from CMMN CLRs for Windows and Mac -- and it's free!
Posted: 07/20/17 | Category: News | Platform: Mac, Windows

Do you have superpowers that are useless? Sure, you can spit coffee, talk backwards, turn into a snail and sweat excessively. But what good is that stuff?

Fortunately, there's a remedy: be accepted into Sidekick High's Hero-Helper training program. There is only one problem: the entrance exam is a deathtrap.

You'll be playing two characters: Darryl and his twin brother Darrell. Each is locked in a separate room. The rooms are connected. You're given 60 minutes to escape.

Collect/combine items and interact with your brother and a handful of other applicants who are locked in with you. Discover ways to use everyone's seemingly worthless abilities to solve puzzles.

Sidekick High is a throwback to the era of Sierra and LucasArts. The game features hand-drawn backgrounds and characters, an atmospheric musical score and professional voice acting.

The game, for Windows and Mac, is yours for the taking from Game Jolt, and Indie DB, and via Drop BoxDid I mention it's free? 

So, why are you still here? Go get it!

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