After Five Years in Development, The Crow's Eye Sees a Launch
After Five Years in Development, The Crow's Eye Sees a Launch
This first-person puzzle adventure set against a backdrop of psychological horror from 3D2 Entertainment can be yours starting today
Posted: 03/20/17 | Category: News | Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac

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The Crow's Eye Looks to Kickstarter - November 19, 2014 

It's 1947. Four students at Crowswood Medical University have vanished. The university is temporarily closed and authorities are called in to investigate. Some of them disappear without a trace as well. There are no breaks in the case.

A decision is made to shut the facility down permanently. The case, still unsolved, is closed.

Fast forward 19 years, to 1966. An unconscious young man (that's you) comes around to find he's trapped inside the university.

You've been brought here for experimentation. With your behavior maneuvered by the voice of a deranged scientist, you're compelled to advance through the monstrosity-filled facility. As you do so, you will gradually uncover the truth about what's been happening in this place.

The Crow's Eye is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam. A downloadable soundtrack is also available. Both carry a 10% discount until March 27th.    

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