Leaves - The Art Games: Why Have One Puzzle-Adventure When You Can Have Two?
Leaves - The Art Games: Why Have One Puzzle-Adventure When You Can Have Two?
This has to be a first: a game and its sequel, by ZAR 21, are released one week apart by Daedalic Entertainment
Posted: 03/15/17 | Category: News | Platform: Windows, Mac

Leaves - The Journey and Leaves - The Return, known collectively as Leaves - The Art Games, will take you into a surreal dream world just waiting to be explored. Both games feature real sculptures, a unique look and feel, challenging puzzles and lots of surprises. 

Leaves - The Journey transports you into the mountains of Mononino, where small, tree-dwelling critters called Treefruities use leaves to protect themselves. Unfortunately, a big gust of wind has come along and scattered the leaves all over the world.

The Treefruities are now cold, angry and desperate. They implore you to search for their lost leaves. How could you say no?

Along the way, you'll meet strange critters, discover secrets, solve puzzles, play mini-games and have all-around interesting experences.

In Leaves - The Return, time has passed, and the Treefruities have moved to a tree in an a relatively calm section of the world. What they don't know is that the tree has a bad cold. One sneeze, and there go the leaves. Oops.

Once again you'll help the Treefruities search for their leaves, and embark on an amazing adventure through fantastic new landscapes.

Both The Journey  and The Return  are available for Windows and Mac on Steam. You needn't have played the first game to enjoy the second one, which can stand on its own. Both games can currently be purchased as a bundle at a 20% discount.

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