DYING: Reborn Has Been Launched
DYING: Reborn Has Been Launched
From NEKCOM and Oasis Games comes a room (or, more accurately, rooms)-escape horror mystery for PS4 and PS VR
Posted: 03/03/17 | Category: News | Platform: Playstation 4, Playstation vita, Vr

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DYING: Reborn is a dark puzzle game with a horror theme that offers a unique first‐person room-escape experience. Players step into the shoes of Mathew, an overwrought young man who is searching for his missing sister. Instead, he lands in a strange and mysterious hostel with no recollection of how he came to be there.

You are obliged to solve a variety of creative puzzles to piece together what happened, unravel the mystery surrounding your sister's disappearance, and escape. Those who solve all of the mysteries will discover a rich, overarching story and, just possibly, a uncover a shocking revelation.

And what's up with that fish head?

Alen Wu, Global Business Director, Oasis Games : It’s been a rewarding journey working with the developer, NEKCOM, to introduce the frightening world of DYING: Reborn to players across all PlayStation platforms. Our commitment to keeping our games exciting throughout a diverse lineup will be elevated with today’s launch.

Troy Dunniway, COO, NEKCOM: We created DYING: Reborn to emphasize the popularity of real-life room escapes and bring it to PlayStation players in the comfort of their own home. We strive to challenge players to think outside of the box and DYING: Reborn will reward players who can think creatively.

The PS4 and PS Vita versions feature six chapters, while the PlayStation®VR has three immersive chapters for a shorter but more intense experience.

DYING: Reborn has been released on PS4  and PS VR. The game will also be available for PS Vita, released date TBD.

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