Stories Untold Are Ready To Be Told
Stories Untold Are Ready To Be Told
Here we have an experimental text adventure that publisher Devolver Digital claims will necessitate -- to put it as delicately as possible -- a change of underwear
Posted: 03/02/17 | Category: News | Platform: Windows

Okay, listen up. Lights off, headphones on.

Indie developer No Code and text-based indie label Devolver Digital have released an experimental text adventure compilation tape called Stories Untold. Represented are four episodes from the now canceled series of the same name, including a remaster of the original pilot episode The House Abandon.

According to Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker, the game is so intense you control of certain bodily functions. (I'm trying hard to avoid sounding gross here.) He suggests not wearing leather pants while playing.

In any event, Stories Untold has been released for Windows and is available from Steam, GOG and the Humble Store  at a time-limited discount.

So is the game really that scary? Maybe someone will play it and let us know.

Meanwhile, good luck with your clothing.


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