Bear With Me - Episode Two Has Launched
Bear With Me - Episode Two Has Launched
Amber and Ted E. Bear continue their search for Amber's missing brother Flint
Posted: 02/21/17 | Category: News | Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

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Bear With Me - Episode 2 is Headed Our Way - January 22, 2017 

Note: Episode Two is downloadable content (DLC) that's available on Steam and the Humble StoreSteam also offers Episodes One and Two for purchase in a bundle, and Episode One is available from the Humble Store here.

Bear With Me - Episode Two from Exordium Games is part of an episodic noir adventure in which 10-year-old Amber and retired, grumpy, wisecracking detective Ted E. Bear (who is also Amber's fluffy toy) search for Amber's missing brother Flint.

In this episode, Amber and Ted examine the burned Steel Mill in Paper City and find a couple of clues as new events continue to unfold.

The series features a unique 2D art style and animation, with sarcastic, dark and funny dialog and lots of puns. It has an original soundtrack and a simple hint system that makes pixel-hunting unnecessary.

The first two episodes are now available for Windows, Mac and Linux.


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