Quern - Undying Thoughts Has Been Released on Steam
Quern - Undying Thoughts Has Been Released on Steam
From indie developer Zadbox comes what fans are describing as the spiritual successor to Myst
Posted: 01/18/17 | Category: News | Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux, Vr

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Quern - Undying Thoughts Launch Trailer is Released - November 8, 2016 

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Kickstarter-funded Quern has been developed by four people in their early 20s, collectively known as Zadbox Entertainment. It started as a dissertation project but quickly grew into a game.

Quern is an open-world first-person puzzle adventure in which you're transported to an island. Here, you'll be confronted by mysteries you must unravel.

The game has a captivating story, beautiful graphics and unique music. Follow hints of the past and delve deeply into the story to understand the extraordinary nature of the island and the importance of your presence. In order to succeed, you must understand the island's operating principles.

Quern is but a little fragment of the World Chain, but it has quite an important role. Civilisations rise and fall due to this world.

The game is currently available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Oculus Rift on Steam.

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