Your Star Now Twinkles on Steam
Your Star Now Twinkles on Steam
Get the RPG/adventure/exploration game for Windows, by French developer natahem, at a 15% discount; a demo is also available
Posted: 01/03/17 | Category: News | Platform: Windows

Your Star Will Shine Soon on Steam - December 24, 2016 

Visit the Steam page
Download the demo 

In Your Star, you control a young boy who must rescue his sister who's lost in a mansion haunted by Shadows and other powerful enemies. They will all try to stop you. You must solve logic/memory riddles to progress through the story and unlock bonus items.

The house is shrouded in darkness, making light a very important element. Your trusty Teddy Bear is your only light source. Use it to dissipate shadows, which will allow you to make headway in the darkness. Take heed, however: Shadows are attracted to the light and will try to absorb it.

Fortunately, you have the strength to fight the Shadows as well as the ability to resist madness, and there are items hidden in the house that you can use fortify these attributes.

Your Star is currently available on Steam for Windows at a 15% discount ($5.94) until January 9th. It you'd rather try the demo first, here you go.

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