Kathy Rain Goes Mobile
Kathy Rain Goes Mobile
Players may now experience Kathy's raw, personal journey through the supernatural on Android and iOS
Posted: 11/23/16 | Category: News | Platform: Ios, Android

Kathy Rain Review by Kemal Ure - May 30, 2016

According to publisher Raw Fury, the point-and-click mechanics of Kathy Rain are perfect for phones and tablets, and having a fantastic story you can take on the go during the holidays makes for a nice getaway when you need a break from family. And if your family is anything like Kathy's, you're going to need some time apart.

The game, from developer Clifftop Games, tackles such typically taboo subjects as religion, dysfunctional families and other hardships endured by many in real life. Its narrative features light and sarcastic humor, dark undertones and an unpredictable story.

So why risk getting into political disagreements with your family on Thanksgiving when you can head back to the '90s and spend time with Kathy?

The game can now be yours on iOS  and Android for $4.99.

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