The Assembly Now Supports Motion Controllers
The Assembly Now Supports Motion Controllers
A patch is available now for Vive; expect it to arrive for Oculus Touch and PS Move by the end of December
Posted: 11/23/16 | Category: News | Platform: Windows, Vr

The Assembly Can Be Yours Beginning Today - July 22, 2016

Developer nDreams: As a VR developer, the community is very important to us. When we released the game a few months back we were delighted about many people’s enthusiasm for the game, however we received some criticisms from the Vive community for the lack of support for Vive controllers.

Until then we’d focused on making the game an accessible VR introduction across all the headsets and to us that meant gamepad as the primary input. It was something we’d set out two years before the Vive was released (and before the Vive had even been announced), and while we delivered on this goal, the community’s passion for motion controllers had taken off during this time in a way we hadn’t anticipated.

Following the launch, we took this on board and looked at how we could best address the criticisms and this brought us to the motion control patch we’re announcing today.

The above-referenced patch also enhances The Assembly's ability to be played as a room-scale experience.

In the following video, The Assembly's Game Director Jamie Whitworth demonstrates the effect of the patch on gameplay:

Players using the Vive can read about the patch on Steam.  nDreams will release patches for Oculus Touch and PlayStation Move before the end of the year. Precise dates will be confirmed shortly.

The Assembly is a game inspired by real-world anxieties. It centers on an enigmatic collective that operates outside moral and government constraints. What secrets is it hiding?

To celebrate the content update, The Assembly has been included in the Steam Thanksgiving Sale at 35% off until November 29th. Check it out here .

The Assembly is also available at 33% off in the Oculus Thanksgiving Sale. Pick up the game now on Oculus Home.

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