Lantern Has Been Released on Windows with VR Support
Lantern Has Been Released on Windows with VR Support
Find inner peace in a relaxing game experience from 1C Company and Storm in a Teacup; a public demo is also available
Posted: 11/18/16 | Category: News | Platform: Vr, Windows

Lantern, from developer Storm in a Teacup, is a game that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Its story takes place in an imaginary world of East Asian-inspired environments rich with colors. Become engulfed in a tranquil atmosphere with a laid-back pace and enjoy some stress-free gaming, accompanied by an ambient East Asian soundtrack.

A sad princess has spread a veil of anguish over the land, and all of the color and life has been drained away. You are the wind. You guide a beautiful red lantern through four captivating worlds, each different in theme, nature and architecture, and return life and color to them all.

The lantern's light will also light other lamps, restore animals to life and start windmills spinning. Your goal is to completely fill each world with color and return its happiness.

Lantern has been released on Steam (as has the public demo) as well as other digital outlets. The game is playable on both regular and VR Windows setups. Both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are supported for the best immersion and experience.

To accompany Lantern's release, 1C has launched a contest to win Lantern Steam keys as well as other 1C games. Details are available on 1C's Facebook page. 


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