Ginger: Beyond the Crystal is Now Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows
Ginger: Beyond the Crystal is Now Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows
A PS4 boxed edition is to arrive October 28th
Posted: 10/26/16 | Category: News | Platform: Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox one

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal to Launch October 25th (includes screenshots) - October 18, 2016

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal, from Drakhar Studio and Badland Games, can now be yours in digital form on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows/Steam. A 20% discount is being offered on Steam until November 1st.

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal is a 3D platformer/simulation combo that tells the story of Ginger (that's you), a survivor who must rescue his people and help them rebuild their homes after a massive crystal explosion. You'll have plenty to do.

You'll be acquiring new skills and uncovering hundreds of secrets as you repopulate three worlds. Not only are there 15 colorful platform levels to play, there are 15 hidden bonus levels to discover. Oh, and there are over 15 hours of gameplay.

Moisés Otero, director and line producer, Drakhar Studio: We’ve always dreamed of creating our very own video games. Not even challenging economic conditions in Spain at the time could slow us down. Ginger: Beyond the Crystal brings together a number of core gameplay features from simulation and platform games - replacing the need to collect resources with awesome platformer puzzles.

The game will also be available as a boxed retail version for PS4 only in select markets on October 28th. It will include a coloring book, poster and stickers.

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