The Night the Carsons Disappeared is Ready to Be Experienced
The Night the Carsons Disappeared is Ready to Be Experienced
From indie developer NostalgicBearVR aka Stephen Long comes a different kind of VR-exclusive horror game for Windows
Posted: 10/25/16 | Category: News | Platform: Windows, Vr

The Night The Carsons Disappeared is a VR-only horror game in which you become Michael Carson who, along with his two daughters, vanished without a trace in 2009 after reporting a series of unexplained phenomena to the authorities.

You will non-interactively witness events leading up to the disappearance and watch the horror unfold through Michael's eyes.

That's it. You watch the game, which lasts around 30 minutes (a shorter version is also available via the menu screen). This will enable VR newcomers to experience the effect without worrying about what to do; further, no controls are required.

The developer has offered the following caveats:
~This is a VR only game. Do NOT purchase this game if you do not have a VR headset
~The game is about 30 minutes long. Do NOT purchase the game if you will be unhappy with the length of the game.
~This is the Non-Interactive version of the game. Sit back and relax.

It's my understanding that an interactive version of The Night The Carsons Disappeared is currently in development for Vive. Meanwhile, the non-interactive version is available for Windows on Steam  for $1.99.

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