Burly Men at Sea Makes Landfall
Burly Men at Sea Makes Landfall
This folktale adventure from Brain&Brain follows a trio of large, bearded fishermen who seek adventure in the waters of early 20th-century Scandinavia
Posted: 09/29/16 | Category: News | Platform: Windows, Ios, Android, Mac

Burly Men at Sea is Sailing Toward the Finish Line - August 5, 2016

Brain&Brain is a husband-and-wife team who developed Burly Men at Sea after having set out as nomads, traveling the country and working as farmhands to support the game's development.

Starting today, you can embark on your own adventure with Burly Men at Sea. Shape a branching narrative for three ungainly heroes who set sail for the unknown and experience multiple adventures, each designed to be completed in a single sitting.

The game offers a colorful aesthetic with handcrafted animation and a whimsical soundtrack inspired by its Scandinavian setting.

Burly Men at Sea is now available for Windows and Mac on Steam, the Humble Store and Itch.io, as well as iOS and Android.


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