Phantaruk Challenges You To Survive Starting Today
Phantaruk Challenges You To Survive Starting Today
Approach the edge of humanity in this survival horror game from Playway and Polyslash
Posted: 08/16/16 | Category: News | Platform: Windows

Phantaruk Will Be Unleashed August 16th - August 5, 2016

From developer Polyslash and publisher Playway, Phantaruk combines survival horror with adventure and stealth mechanics, and serves up a very frightening narrative.

You're aboard the space research vessel Purity-02, which has become a deadly trap. Phantaruk -- a nasty creature straight out of fable and myth -- is there as well. It wants to kill you.

Your body is being eaten away from the inside by a parasitic infection. You must slow the progress of its toxins by using medical syringes that are scattered throughout the ship.

There are no other humans onboard. It will be up to you to discover what's happened by exploring the ship for clues, evading the creature and staying alive. Above all, you must find a way off the ship.

Phantaruk is now available for Windows on Steam. It will carry a 25% discount until August 23rd.

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