FATED: The Silent Oath Speaks
FATED: The Silent Oath Speaks
Additionally, a Behind-the-Scenes video has been released for the "VR experience" from Frima Studio
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With FATED: The Silent Oath, released on April 28th for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and coming to Playstation VR in Q4 2016, Frima aims to take virtual reality to a whole new level and set the benchmark for emotionally-charged storytelling.

Powered by Unreal 4 and the result of two years' hard work, FATED offers a first-person immersive adventure set in the mythical age of Vikings and built specifically for Virtual Reality. The game showcases the best that VR has to offer.

So get ready to...oh, just watch the video:

See players react to the game at PAX East 2016:

Here's an official launch trailer:

Written by Jill Murray, who penned Assassin's Creed, FATED tells the story of a Viking and his family during Ragnarök – the end times. As he travels with them into exile, he encounters a mix of touching and terrifying events and, in the process, learns about himself and his loved ones. Players are taken on an emotional roller coaster in 360 degrees.

Vincent Martel, Executive Producer, Frima Studio: Fear is a concept that is relatively easy to achieve in Virtual Reality, but for FATED, we wanted to explore compassion, sadness, happiness and other complex emotions. Nothing is stronger than the connection between a parent and his child. We knew we would strike a sensitive chord with players in FATED.

So, prepare to be transported into a world of myth and legend where you'll feel a true emotional connection with the game's story and characters. Experience a journey into adventure and peril where clues and puzzle-solving will direct your path. Participate in a tale of courage and sacrifice in which emotion and gameplay are smartly woven together.

As previously mentioned, FATED: The Silent Oath is currently available on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and is slated for launch on PlayStation VR in October 2016  . A VR headset and gamepad are required to play the game.

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