Get Ready for a Storm: Kathy Rain is Due Out Tomorrow
Get Ready for a Storm: Kathy Rain is Due Out Tomorrow
Meanwhile, Raw Fury Games has published a release trailer, and you can still download a playable demo
Posted: 05/04/16 | Category: News | Platform: Mac, Windows

Kathy Rain Demo Has Been Released Ahead of May 5th Launch - April 28, 2016
Download the demo (Windows or Mac) from Steam or GOG.

Developed by Clifftop Games, Kathy Rain is the story of a journalism student with a troubled past who returns home after her grandfather dies rather mysteriously and discovers that something is really wrong with the town.

Armed with her motorcycle, a pack of cigs and notepad, Kathy starts to investigate some strange goings-on and embarks on a harrowing journey full of emotional and personal turmoil.

Kathy Rain is still available for Windows/Mac at a 10% pre-release discount on Steam, the Humble Store and GOG, but only until tomorrow's launch. Green Man Gaming also carries the game but doesn't appear to be offering a discount.

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