Updated Avorion Demo is Released
Updated Avorion Demo is Released
Developer promises laser turrets, faster pace and Super Action Mode
Posted: 04/28/16 | Category: News | Platform: Windows, Linux

Avorion Flies From the Edge of the Galaxy to Kickstarter - April 14, 2016

Download the updated demo (64-bit Windows and Linux)
Visit the Kickstarter page

Two weeks after launching a Kickstarter campaign for its space sim sandbox game Avorion, Boxelware has released Demo 0.8.5. Included are improved gameplay, speedier ships and mining, more weapon damage, and laser turrets as a weapon class.

Additionally, to better display the game's capabilities, the demo now includes Super Action Mode. Players start with a fully-equipped ship, 4 laser turrets and tons of resources to use for repairs/expansion, the better to fight off never-ending waves of enemies with only short breaks for repairs.

Avorion has been Greenlit, and an Early Access release on Windows and Linux is planned for Q4 2016.

Want to make Boxelware happy? Give Avorion your backing on Kickstarter. Wink

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