The Guest Now Occupies Steam
The Guest Now Occupies Steam
A playable demo is also available for this "gloomy adventure full of enigmas"
Posted: 03/15/16 | Category: News | Platform: Windows

Beginning March 10th, Become Trapped in a Creepy Rundown Hotel in The Guest - February 12, 2016

From Team Gotham and 505 Games comes a first-person exploration game in which you solve riddles and work through complex puzzles in an effort to escape an oppressive psychological space and discover the identity and motives of your captors.

Experience immersive storytelling, mechanics from classic adventures and a unique bond with the environment. Freely explore your surroundings and experience unique events within the storyline.

The Guest has launched on Steam for PC/Windows at a 25% discount. A playable demo is also available.

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