The Slaughter: Act One is Now Available
The Slaughter: Act One is Now Available
You can pick it up on Steam, Humble Bundle and the developer's website
Posted: 01/30/16 | Category: News | Platform: Windows

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The Slaughter: Act One, with an original projected release date of July 2014, is finally here! Brainchild Studios invites you into a "Victorian noir adventure laced with adult themes and dark humor."

You are Sydney Emerson, a washed-up private eye. When a serial killer starts terrorizing Victorian London in all its decadence and depravity, you become entangled in perilous and increasingly surreal situations, and walk a fine line between dreams and reality.

The Slaughter is a Kickstarter-funded, classic point-and-click adventure à la LucasArts, but with much darker themes. It is the product of one individual: Alexander Francois, aka Brainchild Studios. It will be released in three acts. Act One is available now for PC/Windows on SteamHumble Bundle and the Brainchild Studios website.

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