V.Next Release is Pushed Back to Mid-2016
V.Next Release is Pushed Back to Mid-2016
Developer SyncBuildRun has stepped back from full-time development of its retro cyber-punk adventure due to insufficient funds
Posted: 12/09/15 | Category: News | Platform: Mac, Windows

An In-Progress Video Has Been Released for V.Next - November 6, 2015

SynchBuildRun recently found itself eight months away from shipping V.Next with only four months of cash left in the bank. The game will still ship, just not by the announced release date of February 1, 2016. The developer is now shooting for a mid-2016 release.

Paul J. Furio, SyncBuildRun CEO & Founder, has recounted some of the stumbling blocks SyncBuildRun has endured during the game's development as well as his hopes for the game's future:

"Building the game took longer than expected. Building a team took longer than expected. Our Kickstarter failed. There were prototypes and experiments that we built that went nowhere. We spent money on efforts and people who turned out to not be a very good investment. We scaled back our plans for the game, and the backend analytics platform turned into a data collection platform (we’ll analyze it later, we told ourselves).

"Personally, I don’t see this as a failure, but as an incredible, immersive learning experience. I leveled up at People Management, at Software Development, at Hiring, Marketing, Planning, Organizational Skills, Money Management, Forecasting, Data Collection and Analysis, and Pitching to Investors. While an MBA would have been less expensive, I gained a crossover skill-set while building a product that can potentially still return on my investment. I got to see firsthand the ins and outs of starting a business, the legal issues, the accounting issues, and the joys and foibles of marketing. I feel better prepared than ever to drive forward with any new “from-scratch” endeavor.

"We’ll continue to work on the game and drive content and functionality forward. In the meantime, I’m on the hunt for a Seattle-area company that can use an experienced Software Development Leader to help them drive their goals and vision forward. Once that transition happens, V.Next will drop to a part-time effort, which will slow velocity, but keep it moving forward."

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