Detroit: Become Human Trailer Unveiled at Paris Games Week
Detroit: Become Human Trailer Unveiled at Paris Games Week
This futuristic game about androids from Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain) and Sony is being developed exclusively for PS4
Posted: 10/29/15 | Category: News | Platform: Playstation 4

Currently, specific details about Detroit: Become Human are sketchy at best. Here's what we've heard so far...

It's the near future. Welcome to Detroit, where androids have become part of society. Meet Kara, an android who has become self-aware.

Players will apparently follow Kara after she escapes from the factory in which she was assembled, and attempts to come to grips with her emerging consciousness. We'll have to wait for anything more definite concerning the game's narrative.

Quantic Dream is employing heavy-duty motion-capture in the creation of Detroit: Become Human. As you can tell from the videos and screenshots, the characters appear quite lifelike.

The game is being developed in cooperation with Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios exclusively for PlayStation 4. It's too early to even think about a release date, so stay tuned...

A big thank-you goes out to Lucien for bringing this game to my attention! Laughing

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