Ghosts of Memories is Released
Ghosts of Memories is Released
Go on an adventure across intertwined dimensions in this game for iOS and Android from Paplus Games
Posted: 10/19/15 | Category: News | Platform: Ios, Android

Become a lone wanderer who finds a mysterious and powerful scepter to which the voice of a woman is bound. The woman is seeking her freedom and needs your help in finding it. In return, she promises to teach you how to unlock the scepter's hidden powers.

Together, the two of you will travel across worlds that reveal more than either of you expected. You'll experience beautiful, fantastic landscapes as you solve puzzles of ancient civilizations. Most of the game's levels feature two intertwined worlds in which actions in one world affect the other.

Aleksander Lusina, Paplus Games: Each riddle was designed separately and game worlds are diversified as well. Environmental designs refer to nature, astral cult and Persian civilization, to name a few. We did everything we could to make the art both stunningly beautiful and practical at the same time, so that the players can enjoy these exotic worlds while still being able to easily navigate through the vast assortment of game mechanics.

What’s the most important, Ghosts of Memories offers satisfying difficulty level – the riddles are challenging just enough to keep the player busy, but every problem can be worked out and every riddle can be solved, although sometimes you’ll just need to spend a bit more time to discover the answer.

Ghosts of Memories is now available on iOS and Android on the App Store  and Google PlayPC and Mac versions are also planned.

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Cindy Kyser
I was interested to see this post. I am always looking for something inspiring to play on my tablet when no Laptop is available... I downloaded it and will let you know how Ghosts of Memories plays out...
Posted Date : 11/04/2015
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