Nevermind, the World's First Biofeedback Horror Game, Has Launched
Nevermind, the World's First Biofeedback Horror Game, Has Launched
From developer Flying Mollusk, this game reacts to your feelings and adjusts difficulty level as you play
Posted: 09/30/15 | Category: News | Platform: Mac, Windows

Nevermind Reminds You To Be Mindful of The Fact That It's Now Available on Early Access - April 2, 2015
Nevermind Kickstarter Video, Screens, Info - October 12, 2014
Nevermind Campaign Launched on Kickstarter - February 7, 2014
Nevermind - Kickstarter Video, Screens, Info - February 7, 2014

Nevermind is a first-person biofeedback-enhanced horror adventure game in which you take the part of a Neuroprober and enter the minds of psychological trauma victims for whom traditional treatment has been ineffective.

At the heart of the game is an adventure in the spirit of Myst. You'll be exploring strange worlds and solving puzzles to unlock the terror that lurks within each victim's inner psyche.

You must take care, however, to keep your own stress and anxiety under control. The more intensely you experience these kinds of feelings, the more difficult the game becomes.

Erin Reynolds, CEO and creative director of Flying Mollusk: This is the first horror game that uses biofeedback sensors to actually affect gameplay. We wanted to make a game that was not only fun and exciting, but had a real impact on people’s lives by helping them learn to manage their feelings of anxiety. The feedback we’ve received from the Steam Early Access program has been exceedingly positive, and we couldn’t be more excited to now make the full version available.

Nevermind uses Intel® RealSense™ Technology to measure a player’s pulse without the need of external sensors or additional equipment. Players can also use a variety of off-the-shelf biofeedback sensors such as the Wild Divine IomPE, Mio LINK, Garmin Heart Rate Chest Strap and others to measure the player’s heart rate.

Nevermind can also be enjoyed without sensors. Flying Mollusk plans to continue to expand the list of supported sensors post-launch.

The full version of Nevermind is now available on Steam for PC/Windows 8/8.1 64-bit and Mac at a 10% discount until October 6, 2015. (The game is playable on Windows 7, but is not fully supported.) Xbox One and Oculus Rift versions of Nevermind are currently in development and will be available at a later date.

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