Blackwell 4: Deception to Materialize on iOS
Blackwell 4: Deception to Materialize on iOS
Will arrive September 24th on the App Store, which is offering discounts on the first three Blackwell games for a limited time
Posted: 09/17/15 | Category: News | Developer: Wadget Eye Games | Platform: Ios

Wadjet Eye's Blackwell adventure series will continue on iOS next week with Blackwell 4: Deception. Until then, the App Store is offering Blackwell 1: Legacy for free; Blackwell 2: Unbound and Blackwell 3: Convergence are $1.99 each (50% off).

Starring in the Blackwell series are Rosa Blackwell, an antisocial writer and reluctant spirit medium, and Joey Mallone, a jazz-era ghost tethered to Rosa due to a mysterious family legacy. The two work as a team to investigate suspicious deaths in NYC and help confused spirits cross over.

Arriving on September 24th, Blackwell 4: Deception involves an unexpected tragedy that leads Rosa and Joey to a shady ring of street psychics who are preying on the gullible. From a seedy downtown nightclub to a penthouse apartment to a luxury yacht on the Hudson River, Rosa and Joey search for the truth about this underground world and uncover some secrets Joey would prefer to keep buried.

Each Blackwell installment has its own complete story, while the series spans an overarching plot. Players can download any Blackwell game for a self-contained experience, or play them all to gain a richer understanding of the Blackwell family legacy and how the stories intertwine.

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