Bulb Boy Will Shine This Halloween
Bulb Boy Will Shine This Halloween
Here we have an intuitive 2D point-and-click horror adventure from indie developer Bulbware that's been inspired by Machinarium and Gobliiins. A demo is available.
Posted: 09/09/15 | Category: News | Platform: Mac, Windows

Bulb Boy Videos, Screens, Info - July 6, 2014

Download the demo

You are Bulb Boy: a boy with a glowing head. Okay, so your head is a light bulb.

You awaken from a nightmare only to discover that your family has disappeared and horrid monsters lurk in the shadows of your Bulb House. You must use your head to solve puzzles and vanquish evil in all of its forms in order to unfold the twisted tale in which you find yourself. You must bring back the light.

Look for Bulb Boy on PC/Windows and Mac this Halloween (October 31st). The game will eventually be released on Linux, iOS and Android. Meanwhile, you can download the demo here.


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