Lumini, a Relaxing Flow-Based Adventure, Launches on Steam
Lumini, a Relaxing Flow-Based Adventure, Launches on Steam
Developed by a nine-person Dutch university team, this wonderfully relaxing game is an ambitious labor of love set to a beautiful and soothing soundtrack
Posted: 09/03/15 | Category: News | Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux

Lumini is a unique and soothing flow-based adventure from Rising Star Games in partnership with Netherlands-based developer Speelbaars. In it, you control a swarm of innocent little creatures called (what else?) Lumini.

The Lumini return to their home planet after an absence lasting thousands of years only to find themselves in a hostile environment. With your guidance, they need to find out what's happened, try to restore the planet's peace and harmonic balance, and heal the heart of this world.

Sail your Lumini through beautiful, time-worn landscapes, encounter mystical and bewildering creatures and solve ancient puzzles, accompanied by a beautifully soothing OST.

Gijs Driesenaar, the game's composer: The music feels like a movie soundtrack but at the same time it has a lot of interactivity; it follows the player's pace and actions, and the events that happen in the game.  Music and sound is a very important aspect of Lumini, because it's a relaxing game, it has a lot of emotional events and the game doesn't tell the story through words, so I tried to tell the story through the music as well. And because there is no direct story telling, the only way to trigger deep emotions is through sound and music.

Lumini for PC/Windows, Mac and Linux can now be yours on Steam. Who can't use a little soothing these days?

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