Action RPG Razenroth is Launched Worldwide for PC/Windows
Action RPG Razenroth is Launched Worldwide for PC/Windows
Uncover the dark secrets of The Valley of Whispers
Posted: 08/30/15 | Category: News | Platform: Windows

In Razenroth, developer/publisher Enitvare invites you to become protagonist Charles Carter. Charles' grandfather has disappeared, and the only clue to his whereabouts is a note of despair found in an abandoned hut in the Valley of Whispers. Find your grandfather, or he'll be stuck forever in a world of nightmares and terrifying creatures.

Razenroth's dark atmosphere is enriched with RPG and roguelike elements. The game features levels in which weather conditions as well as key elements and objects are randomly-generated, making each playthrough unique.

You'll become skilled at magic and have access to many different weapons, potions and spells as you travel through dark forests, rainy marshlands, caves and graveyards. The game includes 200+ objects and dozens of creatures.

Razenroth for PC/Windows can be yours today at a 10% discount on Steam.

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