Knock-Knock Will Come Calling on PS4 September 10th
Knock-Knock Will Come Calling on PS4 September 10th
This survival horror game from Ice-Pick Lodge/Sony is already out on PC/Windows and iOS
Posted: 08/29/15 | Category: News | Platform: Playstation 4

Note: This is an early gameplay trailer

If the folks at Ice-Pick Lodge are to be believed, Knock-Knock is based on a disturbing, unsolicited .zip archive sent to them via email in 2011. Hmmm...a variation of the found-footage plot device, perhaps?

Well, anyway, if you're interested, more about the game's so-called origins is located here Make of it what you will.

Central to the story of Knock-Knock is fear of the unknown. This is embodied in a disheveled protagonist called The Lodger (that's you) who lives alone -- until recently, at least -- in a cabin in the woods.

The Lodger's surroundings have started to change. Item are missing; strange, unnerving noises are heard, and "something odd is coming from the woods."

Your goal is to remain awake and sane until dawn. You'll be visited by mysterious, threatening Guests. Are they real, or do they originate in The Lodger's mind? What separates reality from imagination, anyway?

Your search for answers can take place only at night. So wander around the rooms of your cabin and through the surrounding woods. And try not to drop your candle.

Look for Ice-Pick Lodge's Knock-Knock on PS4 September 10, 2015. Your nervous system will thank you.

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