Between Me and the Night Will Soon Shine on Early Access
Between Me and the Night Will Soon Shine on Early Access
In this fantasy adventure, become a nameless young boy with fiery red hair who reveals his true self as the game progresses
Posted: 08/21/15 | Category: News | Platform: Windows, Mac

NewsRainDanceLX and Lace Games Join Forces on Between Me and The Night - October 7, 2014
Between Me and The Night - Teaser, Screens, Info - October 7, 2014

In the fantasy adventure Between Me and the Night, you'll play a nameless young boy who explores and interacts with a floating house. The game is steeped in duality: good vs. evil; sanity vs. insanity; day vs. night.

During the day, you'll solve old-school point-and-click-influenced puzzles in order to gain access to more of the house and to boost your strength.

At night, you can try to stay awake and continue to explore the house, where you'll encounter unexpected adversities. If you fall asleep, you'll face colossal fears that reside in your mind.

Between Me and the Night developer Rain Dance LX plans to launch a Greenlight campaign in the near future. The game is to be released on PC and Mac at a date TBD.

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