Kidnapped Has Been Abducted by Early Access
Kidnapped Has Been Abducted by Early Access
Get in on the development of Deceptive Games' story-driven horror game; you can even do so at a discount until July 27th
Posted: 07/23/15 | Category: News | Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux

You wake up. You're cold and alone. You've been kidnapped.

You're in a manor that's two centuries old. You must discover why you've been abducted, evade your captor and survive.

The story and setting of Kidnapped is based on the tale of Sebastian Lee of Stirling, Scotland, who vanished without a trace. You'll take on his role and try to discover what happened. 

The game's emphasis is on exploration, puzzle-solving and combat. Over half of the game's objects can be examined, used or picked up. The game changes dynamically as you progress through it. One of its goals is to continuously unnerve you.

Kidnapped is currently available through Early Access at a 16% discount ($6.71) until July 27th. Supported platforms include PC/Windows, Mac and Linux.

The game carries the following warning: "Kidnapped features sections that could be deemed as 'high panic' in nature which may increase your heart rate. Please enjoy."

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