A Message from Developer SynchRunBuild Regarding the V.Next Kickstarter
A Message from Developer SynchRunBuild Regarding the V.Next Kickstarter
Requests your backing in no uncertain terms...
Posted: 07/07/15 | Category: News | Platform: Windows, Mac
I've just received the following from developer SynchRunBuild, which I've copied verbatim.

The V.Next Kickstarter needs your support!
Go back it now!
We're not going to kid around, we had hoped the Kickstarter would be in better shape than it is. But all is not lost! We had literally thousands of people voting for V.Next on Steam Greenlight in a week with no advertising. We have tons of fans all over the world (by actual mass, based on the weight of an average human) and we know we have people on this mailing list who have not get [sic] gone to Kickstarter and pre-ordered the game.
So what are you waiting for? Have you seen the Kickstarter page recently? Did you notice the new soundtrack bit by musician Tom Shear? Did you read the description of the team, a group of veterans with dozens of shipped video games, albums, film and television titles to their credit? Did you see the awesome backer rewards, including a printed "Making Of" book, and a V.Next T-Shirt? Did you see the opportunity to be in the game as a fully interactive character, or appear in the background in a giant floating ad?
Get over there now and back this game! The future is in your hands!

And there you have it.

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