Teaser Trailer Released for Consortium: The Tower Prophecy
Teaser Trailer Released for Consortium: The Tower Prophecy
The RPG, from Interdimensional Games (iDGi), will be a direct sequel to last year's fourth-wall shattering Consortium as well as the second game of a planned trilogy, and a stand-alone game in its own right
Posted: 07/07/15 | Category: News | Platform: Windows

Consortium: The Tower Prophecy is a first-person sci-fi RPG set within Churchill Tower, a massive structure in futuristic London. The tower and its inhabitants will be designed as part of a seamless open-world, sandbox game environment. The game’s narrative will shape itself to player decisions and actions in ways never before seen.

Gregory MacMartin, CEO of iDGi: "It’s not well known yet, but I’m proud to say that even one year after its release, Consortium remains a highly unique first-person interactive narrative. No two players can have the exact same experience. The iDGi-1 Interactive Narrative Technology allows for a unique combination of scripted narrative and player agency. By harnessing and building upon existing technology, mechanics and content developed for Consortium, The Tower Prophecy will push the boundaries of seamlessly blending narrative and player freedom even further, and will offer a more polished and well-rounded  experience."

Consortium: The Tower Prophecy is being constructed for PC with Unreal 4. iDGi plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign for the game later this year, so stay tuned...


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