The Silent Age Speaks Up About Coming to PC
The Silent Age Speaks Up About Coming to PC
Originally released on mobile platforms and downloaded over seven million times, this point-and-click adventure is being reworked and updated for PC by indie developer House on Fire
Posted: 05/23/15 | Category: News | Platform: Windows

Say hello to Joe, a simple janitor. Accompany him as he travels back-and-forth between 1972 and 2012 in an effort to discover and stop whatever caused humankind's extinction. He receives this quest from a dying man in the future.

Uni Dahl, CEO of House on Fire: “Getting the opportunity to continue work on The Silent Age has been a dream. We’re obviously very passionate about the series and have put enormous effort into bringing it to the next level for the PC audience. The game’s current art style, storyline and minimal UI, combined with the newly added character voiceover and Ultra HD graphics, make it a natural fit for PC.”

Andy Sher, CEO of [publisher] Meridian4: “We’ve put a lot of effort into adapting The Silent Age for Steam users-it will not be a direct mobile to PC port. What made The Silent Age so successful on mobile was its rich narrative. We want Steam users to experience this same narrative, but presented in a way that meets their expectations of what a PC game should be. This is why we’re helping House on Fire update The Silent Age for a PC audience with things like Ultra HD graphics, voice acting and more.”

Starting May 29th, The Silent Age will be available for PC on Steam.

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