Better Late Than DEAD Will Live on Early Access This July
Better Late Than DEAD Will Live on Early Access This July
An epic survival game from indie developer Odin Game Studio and publisher Excalibur
Posted: 05/19/15 | Category: News | Platform: Windows

You awaken on an island without your memory. The only clue as to who you might be is a child's photo you find in your pocket.

You'll explore the environment and discover that this is no ordinary island. Its nature is incongruous and outlandish, and makes you wonder how you'll ever escape.

As you search for answers, you'll deal with such things as hunger, thirst, broken bones, poisoning, blood loss, varying weather, wolves, snakes and sharks. Think that's enough? Nope, that's only part of it.  

Better Late Than DEAD will be played in both first and third-person. It will feature a crafting system inspired by point-and-click adventures in which you'll have the ability to modify and combine items. As you play, the game's story will continue to unfold with new updates.

Alexandre Kikuchi, Odin’s co-founder: We’ve developed an adventure game based on survival elements that challenges the player with common decisions, where men and animals are part of one plot, but different destinies await. Better Late than DEAD brings a new challenge for old and new survivors! 

The game will be both single-player and multi-player for up to four people. It will launch July 9th for PC on Steam Early Access, with Mac to follow at a later date.

BTW, Better Late Than DEAD may or may not have a foreseeable end. And did we mention there will be permadeath?  

Note: the game will support Windows 7 and 8 only.

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