The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III to Launch May 22nd
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III to Launch May 22nd
This will conclude the gothic-noir action RPG trilogy; meet the game's two final classes: the Bounty Hunter and the Constructor
Posted: 05/18/15 | Category: News | Platform: Windows, Mac

Meet Two New Character Classes From Van Helsing III - April 28, 2015 
Van Helsing III is Announced by Neocore - April 2, 2015

The final game in Neocore Game's trilogy The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing will launch on Steam for PC and Mac on May 22, 2015 -- exactly one year after the release of the second game.

Two new classes remain to be introduced: the Bounty Hunter and the Constructor.

The Bounty Hunter is a long-ranged weapon specialist. He relies on physical damage and uses mechanical seekers to track down, taunt, and mark his enemies. He's able to explore dangerous areas from a safe distance by sending decoys to lure monsters out of hiding or make them vulnerable to attacks.

The Constructor also keeps a safe distance from enemies. To his advantage is his vast gun platform. This summons his mechanical allies and enables him to command an army of turrets, ornithopters and dismemberbots.

Van Helsing III will uncover the past of the cheeky Lady Katarina and carry over features from Van Helsing II such as tower-defense mini-games. It will offer single-player, four-player co-op online and eight-player PvP.

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