Bunker: The Underground Game Can Be Yours Starting May 21st
Bunker: The Underground Game Can Be Yours Starting May 21st
This point-and-click adventure in the spirit of Lucasarts' classics from one-man indie developer Nightly Studios is being released on Steam for PC
Posted: 05/18/15 | Category: News | Platform: Windows

Bunker: The Underground Game Emerges on the Surface - April 8, 2015

Here we have a humor-filled game that presents a puzzle-modified virtual reality adventure that has nothing to do with virtual reality. It took one-man indie developer Nightly Studios (aka Tony Sundell) three years to develop, and its purpose is to tickle your entertainment center.

Find yourself in a forgotten Soviet bunker and (quoted as written) "spend rest of your absurd adventure puzzling, mini gaming, pointing, clicking, hipstering, err humor-ing oh and escaping what is no doubt the weirdest bunker you have ever been unwillingly dragged to."

As we have no new trailer or screens to show you (you can see some here), we thought you might enjoy a graphical representation of some of the game's features:


Here are even more features:
~Pop-culture references
~An Intergalactic Death Hippo
~Beautiful hand drawn graphics
~Soundtrack by Satoko “Holly” Young
~You can play it in English and German
~Wacky story full of even wackier plot twists
~Puzzles that get harder periodically towards the end and are logical to solve

~33 real achievements where you actually achieved something instead of just getting achievements by playing normally
~Genetically engineered lab animals trying to take over the world

Bunker: The Underground Game will be available for PC on Steam starting May 21st. Good news: it will work on Windows XP. The latest info is that the game will be released later on Mac. Currently, there's some uncertainty regarding Linux.

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