Epanalepsis Will Travel Through Time to PC, Mac and Linux on May 21st
Epanalepsis Will Travel Through Time to PC, Mac and Linux on May 21st
The narrative-driven point-and-click adventure from indie developer Cameron Kunzelman takes place in three different time-frames and illustrates the unyielding progression of life and technology
Posted: 05/06/15 | Category: News | Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux

Developer Cameron Kunzelman creates games that intersect with art and philosophy.

Epanalepsis explores 60 years of urban life through three characters: one in the 1990s, one in the 2010s and one in the 2030s. Each will face problems unique to his/her individual time period, and each will encounter something extremely strange.

The game has been influenced by such sci-fi authors as Joanna Russ and Philip K. Dick, and games such as The Shiva. Kunzelman has described Epanalepsis as "weird and endearing, warm and nihilistic, funny and somber."

For a fascinating philosophical piece from Kunzelman concerning the nature of such concepts as reality and choice -- using the film No Country for Old Men as an example and applying the belief system of bad guy Anton Chigurh (a very scary dude) to videogames -- have a look at his blog.

The plan is to launch Epanalepsis on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux on May 21, 2015.

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