Solarix for PC is Launched
Solarix for PC is Launched
Set in the far reaches of space, the game is a stealth-based psychological horror adventure from indie developer PulseTense Games
Posted: 05/01/15 | Category: News | Platform: Windows

News: Launch Date of April 30th Confirmed for Solarix - April 22, 2015

Developed and self-funded by PulseTense Games and a team of just seven, Solarix offers over 10 hours of rich and immersive gameplay. The goal of PulseTense is to take survival horror beyond jumpscares and cheap thrills. Instead, as the only survivor of failed genetic experiments, the world of Solarix will fill you with unease, insecurity and desperation .

The game will rely on classic stealth mechanics in which you'll use your wits and the environment surrounding you. It will offer open-ended gameplay. You will choose how to play the game.

Not only will you encounter human enemies and  monsters, you’ll have to hack your way through turrets, security cameras, sniper-robots and flying drones. A different and unique type of enemy will await you around every corner.

Solarix for PC can be yours starting today.

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