Toren to Launch May 12th for PC and PS4
Toren to Launch May 12th for PC and PS4
The adventure game from indie developer Swordtails/publisher Versus Evil can be pre-ordered now for PC at a discount
Posted: 04/30/15 | Category: News | Platform: Playstation 4, Windows

Upcoming Release: Toren Explores the Meaning of Life - March 28, 2015

Toren takes place in the confines of a massive tower that contains its own vast ecosystem. As Moonchild, born into this world, players will explore a lush and dangerous environment and solve intricate puzzles to make progress in a world defined by a unique art style and characterized by symbolic elements of traditional Brazilian Folklore.

Moonchild will grow from infant to child to adolescent, unlocking new powers as she unravels the mysteries of Toren. The Tree of Life within the tower will grow as she does, providing access to new areas to explore and new items to find.

As Moonchild ascends the tower, driven by her will to find freedom, she will encounter new and more deadly challenges: solving environmental puzzles, avoiding and surviving attacks from dangerous creatures and eventually defeating the end boss.

Toren for PC is currently available for pre-order. (Note: According to Swordtails, the game is not designed to run on Windows XP). The game will be released on May 12th for PC and PS4.

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