The Song of Seven is in Final Hours of Kickstarter Campaign
The Song of Seven is in Final Hours of Kickstarter Campaign
A little over $300.00 is needed to achieve the base goal
Posted: 03/26/15 | Category: News | Platform: Wii u, Playstation 4, Windows

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The Song of Seven will be delivered in seven chapters. Each will stand alone as a kind of short story. Taken together, they will create a narrative that spans a world of different cultures and intriguing lore.

The game's story will involve forgotten celestial siblings, isolated villages, seafaring pirates, ghosts, monsters, leaders, artists, mystics, lovers, dancers, inventors, and the power of connections. Gameplay is that of old school point-and-click, inventory-based adventure/puzzle games, except a controller and keyboard are used.

Chapter One begins in an isolated village nestled in the bottom of a forested valley. On the way to mend a broken fence, main character Kiba encounters Emma, a young inventor.

The two accidentally run into a sacred, mystical bull, after which they discover ruins of an ancient temple and decide to investigate. Once they're inside, they find that the only way out is through three levels of puzzles, riddles and challenges. 

Enlightened Games will be releasing Chapter One of The Song of Seven in Q4 2015 for PC, WiiU and PS4. The  Kickstarter campaign covers Chapter One, which has already been Greenlit.

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Randall Rigdon
Love the color.
Posted Date : 03/28/2015
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