Indie Developer Silent Game House Pipes Up to Announce Seclusion: Islesbury
Indie Developer Silent Game House Pipes Up to Announce Seclusion: Islesbury
This mystery-horror adventure will be powered by Senscape's Dagon Engine
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"Bright morning light falls over Detective James Endel on his bed. He has no desire to leave this gentle silence, but sleeping is not what he needs. He wants peace of mind, a way to make the pain in his mind go away. With no other plausible option, he leaves his bed in a sunny September morning expecting a day like any other, but he is yet to realize that next a few days will take him to a journey from his nightmares."

Welcome to a point-and-click mystery-horror adventure in a place that holds terrible secrets. As Detective Jason Endel, you'll find yourself in Islesbury investigating a decade-old unsolved murder.

Islesbury is a ruined town with an infamous past, populated by few and surrounded by madness. It's a town that had been brought to its knees years earlier by massive unexplained riots. You'll soon discover that things are always worse than they seem here. You'll ultimately be confronted by your own nightmares.

You'll explore realistic, detailed locations: the remains of buildings, seemingly empty streets, dark woods. Guided by the game's organic puzzles, you'll experience a first-person journey through a panoramic world of darkness and despair powered by Senscape's Dagon Engine.

Will you be able to escape the madness of Islesbury?

Seclusion: Islesbury is the first game from indie developer Silent Game House. It will be released on Windows at a date TBD.

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