Deathtrap is Released by Neocore Games Worldwide
Deathtrap is Released by Neocore Games Worldwide
The full tower-defense/action-RPG hybrid is now available for PC and Mac, with Xbox One and PS4 versions to follow
Posted: 02/04/15 | Category: News | Platform: Microsoft windows, Apple macintosh

News: Deathtrap: Grab a Friend and Make Him/Her Your Enemy - January 28, 2015
News: Get Ready to Ensnare Hordes of Nasties in Deathtrap Starting February 4th - January 15, 2015

Venture past this world's veil, where strongholds once kept the horrors of the void contained...but no more. The monsters are returning from the depths and must be stopped.

As the Sorceress, Mercenary or Marksman, rebuild ancient traps and towers to stop the evil before it breaks through to your world.    

Zoltán 'Pozs' Pozsonyi, Producer of Deathtrap: I’m very proud of the final game and the fine work the team at NeocoreGames did on Deathtrap. Our goal was to push the tower defense genre forward with a unique gameplay mechanic that allows players to build a deadly maze of traps and towers while controlling a character directly from the traditional top-down view of an action-RPG. We estimate a solid 50+ hours of gameplay and we'd like to encourage the community to keep creating their own custom maps too, we might pick the best and add it as an extra scenario or PvP map later.

Pick up Deathtrap for PC and Mac on Steam and save 10% until February 11th. Xbox One and PS4 versions will be released later.

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